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Jacie Rex—CHaSS Senator

CHaSS Senator Jacie Rex

Office: TSC 327 (email for appointments)

Student Travel Opportunities

ASUSU has a number of travel opportunities benefiting students such as the Academic Opportunity Fund, which provides financial support to undergraduates to present a scholastic achievement at a reputable organization or participate in an academic competition. Individuals are awarded up to $500.00.

Graduate students are eligible for a similar opportunity with the Graduate Travel Fund, which partially funds travel costs associated with professional presentations at regional, national and international conferences. Students may receive $100-$400 to assist with conference registration, mileage, airfare, hotel,etc. All full-time graduate students are eligible to apply.

CHaSS Council Opportunities

Want to make a difference at Utah State? Consider joining the CHaSS Council, an organization actively involved in improving the quality of life for the approximate 2,000 students in the college. This is achieved by providing academic, service, and social opportunities throughout the academic year.